Has someone offered you a job in Europe?

“I was offered a job in a factory in Greece. They told me they would pay my expenses and I would make plenty of money to send back home to my family in Romania. But when I got to Greece, I was sold to a man who forced me to work in a dirty run-down brothel. I have to work 18 hours a day, even when I’m sick or have my period. I have to give all the money I earn to the man. I have been very sick many times, and once I became pregnant and he forced me to have an abortion. Sometimes he beats me or threatens to have me arrested or deported. I couldn’t face my family after this.”

This doesn’t have to be your story.


In Europe The Selling of People is the Number One Crime of Choice for Criminals - Ranking Higher Than the Sale of Guns and Drugs. People Can Be Sold Time And Time Again And The Punishment For Traffickers Is Far Less Than For Other Crimes.

Globally - 1.2 Million New People Become Victims of Trafficking Every Single Year - For Forced Prostitution, Forced Labour Without Pay, For Begging, Stealing and Human Organs.

Many Survivors Say The First Person In The Chain Was Someone They Knew And Trusted.

Dont Let This Happen To You.