The road to recovery

Julia had a good start in life with the opportunity for a good education including college. Now it was time to explore a career which would provide for her family. The family saw their daughter Julia as their way out of poverty, all their hopes were pinned on her and she felt the pressure of this. She wanted to help them, she loved her family, but it meant she would probably have to work abroad and this would mean stepping into the unknown.

Julia knew that the job adverts stuck on posts in the street could lead to her putting herself at risk of exploitation, she was a clever girl and so thought that jobs in a legitimate news paper would be safe, but she was wrong. She applied for a job in Spain, not a big job, just a secretary in a business but it offered some extra training in Greece, the added hope of more qualifications, which could lead to more money. She made her way to Greece and everything seemed genuine, the office, the interviewer, the job description, it even came with free accommodation.

She was taken to an apartment where her passport was taken, just to ‘keep it safe’ but she would never see this again and that night she discovered that the accommodation was where traffickers rape girls to break their will, before selling to a brothel – she was such a girl. The shock of it all, the fear of not being in control, of having been so terribly deceived, the rape and being sold for sex, it was too much to bear.

Julia was one of a lucky few, she had been given a number to call for help by another girl and after 2 months she was rescued in a police raid and offered a bed in a safe house where people took good care of her and helped her put her life back together. She is still angry to this day, that she was raped and sold in this way, but angry too that young girls from Romania in search of work, continue to fall into these traffickers traps. She is also sad, that some girls come willingly to work in the brothels, thinking that it will not be too bad, that it will be for a short time and they will make lots of money. They don’t make money, they lose all their rights and brothel owners won’t let them go, this is the reality for many girls who come, it is their living nightmare.

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