There is still hope

"I feel lost and extremely tired. Life has been unfair to me . I need to trust in people again and to make a life changing decision because I know there is still hope!"

With a tremble in her voice and eyes in tears M. is trying to avoid eye contact with me . Her facial expressions portray the pain that she has been carrying for such a long time.

"Never in my life have I experienced family life and love. I don ‘t know the feeling of a parent’ s hug, love or protection. From a very young age I have been physically abused by my family. At the age of 12 my own father, after abusing me, physically raped me . This is when my life took a down turn. My father ended up in prison and I ended up in the orphanage. I am not sure which was worse, to be abused by my parents or by the people that were taking care of me in the orphanage.

So the orphanage took the place of my home, then street begging took the place of the orphanage, and shortly after, I got trapped in the net of prostitution. Since I was underage people took advantage of me and exploited me. I thought I could make and save some of my own money and then stop. How foolish was I? The chains were wrapping around me, taking away my freedom.

From there, I was taken to different European countries to practise prostitution, was sold from pimp to pimp, witnessed a murder and went through the painful experience of nearly 20 abortions. And all this before the age of 24 ."

Suddenly, she looks into my eyes and a huge smile brightens her face.

"As I talk to you, I remember all the bright moments and the Godly people that came in my life at different stages," says M, "people like you, who truly cared for me and wanted to help. Now I know, that not all the people are bad and want to make money from me . I know there is a brighter side to life and I need to find it . I have to break the chain and take the first step out. You give me hope and show me that I am worthy of a better life."

Do you find your self in this story?
Have you been abused or is anyone exploiting you ?
Is the chain of bad experiences rapping you in prostitution?
Have you lost trust?

There is still hope! Make the right decision now! Break the chain of prostitution today! Ask for help! You are WORTHY!

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