Since 2008, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of young Romanian girls (especially from places like, Calarasi, Iasi, Bucuresti) who are fooled by perspective employers or boyfriends and forced into prostitution. We are concerned with a) the methods employed by the 'boyfriends' and b) the apparent ease with which the girls end up in legalized prostitution. Together with many concerned Romanians, we want to do what we can to change this trend, so that these girls will know what they are getting themselves into before they are trapped in it.

Here are some of the stories told by the victims of trafficking.

Christine is one of the lucky girls in the business of this kind. She is guarded by the same loving man that she hang out with for two years now, only now things have changed a little.

She was brought and placed in one of those hellhole brothels...

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"I feel lost and extremely tired. Life has been unfair to me . I need to trust in people again and to make a life changing decision because I know there is still hope!"

With a tremble in her voice and eyes in tears...

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The family saw their daughter Julia as their way out of poverty, all their hopes were pinned on her and she felt the pressure of this. She wanted to help them, she loved her family, but it meant she would probably have to work abroad and this would mean stepping into the unknown.

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In Europe The Selling of People is the Number One Crime of Choice for Criminals - Ranking Higher Than the Sale of Guns and Drugs. People Can Be Sold Time And Time Again And The Punishment For Traffickers Is Far Less Than For Other Crimes.

Globally - 1.2 Million New People Become Victims of Trafficking Every Single Year - For Forced Prostitution, Forced Labour Without Pay, For Begging, Stealing and Human Organs.

Many Survivors Say The First Person In The Chain Was Someone They Knew And Trusted.

Dont Let This Happen To You.