Things to look for:

Before you take a job abroad…

  • double check with other sources, if the promises made about jobs and/or the recruiter’s ability to provide jobs is even possible
  • get suspicious about any commitment or offer from another to arrange for your travel documents and details
  • decline any obligations or favors; do not accept anything that may cause you to be blackmailed in the future (payments for services provided, transportation fee, etc.)
  • make copies of your passport and travel documents, and leave them in your home country with someone you trust
  • give someone you can rely on information about the destination of your travel as well as specific details
  • try to memorize an important phone number before you travel, a personal one or a helpline, as you may have very few chances once abroad to phone for help

If you are trafficked…

  • you may find it difficult once trafficked to trust someone as there will be many who break your trust, if you meet someone from a street team offering help - try to trust them.
  • not all Policemen are trustworthy, but some of them are – hope to find one.
  • if you have your passport taken away, and are sent to the consulate for another one for the trafficker - speak to someone, ask for help there.
  • when you are being taken places, try to keep track of street names and place names as much as you can as you may be kept captive when you arrive, it is helpful should you escape to know where you are. It is helpful if you have a rare chance to make a phone call – to tell people where you are.
  • remember to Hope, do not forget Who You Are – many will seek to destroy your hope so they can keep you trapped and submissive, forced into prostitution, domestic slavery and forced work without pay, try to Endure, protect Hope. People are at work in many countries and cities to find you and rescue you.
  • remember to that you can recover and find a meaningful future, you can overcome whatever terrible situation you find yourself in.

Remember most of all – To avoid these situations in the first place – Do Not become a victim of people who make it their business to profit from your suffering -
Open Your Eyes!


In Europe The Selling of People is the Number One Crime of Choice for Criminals - Ranking Higher Than the Sale of Guns and Drugs. People Can Be Sold Time And Time Again And The Punishment For Traffickers Is Far Less Than For Other Crimes.

Globally - 1.2 Million New People Become Victims of Trafficking Every Single Year - For Forced Prostitution, Forced Labour Without Pay, For Begging, Stealing and Human Organs.

Many Survivors Say The First Person In The Chain Was Someone They Knew And Trusted.

Dont Let This Happen To You.